Our Team

Dr Gottfried Lichti

Gottfried Lichti has a PhD in chemistry and a special interest in high-tech product development. Consulting in the food technology sector, Gottfried teamed with Arie Nudel to found Omni Innovation to specifically pursue scientific advances in food products that can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Gottfried serves Omni Innovation as chief scientific officer, and his skill and passion for rapidly developing and validating nutritional formulations is already generating a pipeline of potential future products that can offer significant benefit to people with metabolic and lifestyle diseases. Gottfried also brings skills in patent and grant application preparation, which supports Omni Innovation’s desire to remain at the forefront of research based clinical validation for its novel formulations, and protection of these ideas to create genuine commercial opportunity.

Gottfried has a strong collaborative network with the top nutrition scientists in Australia, including at Baker IDI, Adelaide Uni, Deakin Uni and Uni of SA. Working in collaboration with these experts allows Gottfried to follow his passion of uncovering new ideas in food technology to meet serious unmet needs in the population.