Our Team

Our Collaborator Network

Omni Innovation’s expert collaborators include Professor Peter Clifton (Baker IDI), Professor Michael Horowitz and Associate Prof Chris Rayner (Adelaide Uni), Professor Karen Jones (Adelaide Uni), Professor Robin Daly (Deakin Uni), Dr Jane Muir (Monash Uni) and Dr Linda Watson (Adelaide Uni).

This collaborator network has independently validated the scientific and clinical value of our product. Importantly, establishing and broadening our collaborator network as our product range expands is key to ensuring that every consumer is best served by the medical nutritional products of Omn Innovation.

Our Commercial Partners

At Omni Innovation, we seek partners that we can collaborate with to take our products to patients in need, around the world. These partners help us bring proven medical nutrition products to patients around the globe. In type two diabetes, there are over 420 million people diagnosed. With commercial partners in many markets – and we are currently adding more – we seek to develop highly collaborative arrangements with firms that will reflect our values and mission into their markets, allowing us to share our passion and make a difference.